700 Hours of Construction

Marc Bilodeau/ Building, Planning, Tiny House

700 hours of construction! Wow! It’s been a little over four months since crossing the 600 hours milestone. The majority of the last 100 hours has been during the summer and into the fall months of Maine. The weather was very good, with bouts of heat and humidity during the middle summer months. Otherwise, perfect for outdoor activities before and after the hottest parts of summer.

The goals between the 600 hours and 700 hours milestones were to finish the majority of the construction. This included counters, propane, painting both inside and outside, inside floors, awning, and more. It was ambitious, but not everything was complete. However, before we talk about what’s left, let’s dig a bit deeper and highlight some of the last 100 hours of work.

Magic Mirror on the Wall

As part of this endeavor, I am striving to make this tiny home smart using sensors and data to improve the quality of living through awareness and interactivity. The first of these IoT devices was the webcam. However, there has to be a brain to this operation, and that job falls to the Magic Mirror.

The magic mirror will not only show my pretty face, but feedback from the sensors that will be throughout the house. At this time, only the neurio is showing live power usage on the mirror. Moving forward, other readings will be available from the mirror. Those future projects will be fun and I look forward to sharing the how-tos here in the future. More…

Exploring Options for Internet Access

A tiny house has some challenges due to their legal status. Although not impossible, it’s difficult to live without the Internet. Today, it’s part of socializing, shopping, learning, entertainment, and much more. As of 2018, over half of the world has access to the Internet.

The Verizon Jetpack
One option is to use the Verizon Jetpack when there are different devices other than smartphones

Depending on the situation, there are several options available from satellite, broadband, mobile plans, and more. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to understand personal habits and needs before making a choice on what’s best for one’s situation.

In my case the internet not only is necessary for work and leisure, it’s critical to coordinating my smart home efforts. Therefore, I am using my mobile plan and home internet connection for now. More…

Painting and Staining

I underestimated the time and effort for painting and staining. It is the project that has taken the most time to complete. Not only did it require several coats inside, I still feel I may have to add another coat at some point in the future. We’ll see what happens to the wood during the dry and cold winter months. If the wood shrinks, then I may add another coat before the winter is over.

Painting the Tiny House

Although it looks straightforward to paint the walls and stain the surfaces, there are many different things to do. There is sanding the surfaces, priming, and using the right paint and brushes for the job. I learned that using rollers and larger surfaces and finer brushes for corners works best. Also, I didn’t expect that there would be multiple coats, or using moisture control paint for the bathroom. More…

Propane for Cooking and Hot Water

This is certainly one of those milestones that makes the tiny house feel more like a home. The ability to cook and have hot water is two amazing but basic necessities for comfortable living.

Tiny House Propane Setup
The exterior tanks and interior connections

However, propane is dangerous to a DIY person such as myself. Therefore, I hired professionals to do the job. Regardless, I stayed involved to ask questions and understand why and how this setup came together. I can’t wait to give the shower a try and cook a meal when the tiny house is complete. More…

Crossing the 700 Hours Milestone

As the 700 hours milestone passes by, the tiny house almost has its flooring. There is still a little more work until the floor is complete. However, it shouldn’t be long until this task is done.

Tiny House scratched stone flooring

What’s left is the trim and kick boards that go along the edging of the floor. Also at the time of crossing the 700 hours milestone, the couch front panel was adjusted because of the slight change in height due to the floor. There will be a similar adjustment for the pull out pantry under the stairs.

This year winter decided to visit early and we’ve received a good amount of snow. It was a Thanksgiving Miracle in Maine with a White Thanksgiving. Therefore, there is no time like the present to winterize the tiny house since there has been an unseasonably cold couple of days. Thank goodness the heat is on in the tiny house, or there could have been some major plumbing issues.

What’s Next

It’s amazing what one gets from 700 hours of effort. That is 17 1/2 hour 40-hour work weeks. It is amazing to build a house in that amount of time. Although those 700 hours have been spread across 29 months due to time and scheduling, it has flown by quickly. However, each hour working on the tiny house is still fun and exciting. It always amazes me each time I look back and write about the last 100 hours how much has been accomplished.

There isn’t much left relating to construction. The biggest item is the kitchen counters. Regardless, there are many touch-ups and adjustments to do. This will likely be the last 100 hour milestone as we’re nearing the end of construction. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. The next phase can start which is to put more smarts into this smart tiny home.

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