500 Hours of Construction

Marc Bilodeau/ Building, Planning, Tiny House

500 hours of construction, and another 100 hours in the books. It’s been roughly four months since the last 100 hour milestone has been crossed. During the last 100 hours, projects continue to take longer as we approach the end of the construction phase.

The majority of the last 100 hours have been during the autumn and early winter of Maine. The weather has been favorable until the end of December where it became bone-chilling cold and snowy with a few warmer days in the low 40F (5C).

Goals between 400 hours and 500 hours

The goal after the 400 hours milestone was to be ready for winter. This includes finishing the outside and having the HVAC in place.

Overall, the outside is complete except for the utility closet, painting, and possibly a little detachable deck. However, those projects can wait until spring and summer. Hopefully, the pretreated exterior siding will hold up until then.

Tiny House Before and After Cedar Siding

As for the HVAC, the Pioneer 12000 BTU Mini Split is still sitting in the garage. As much as the intention is to take a Do-It-Yourself approach, the split system is one thing that I want a professional to install. However, it’s hard to find a contractor to do it. It seems either the local vendors are too busy, the job isn’t worth the money, or they don’t want to install it for other reasons.

Tiny House Heating and Air Conditioning

However, this may turn into a DIY project at some point if I can’t find a contractor. In the meantime, the portable propane garage heater is doing just fine keeping the tiny house warm during the colder months. Unfortunately, the tiny house was winterized since temperatures frequently stay below freezing for days. More…

Tiny House Plumbing

A major accomplishment during the last 100 hours is the tiny house plumbing. It is also one of the more complex systems in the tiny house to date. However, complex doesn’t mean complicated. Plumbing is not difficult to understand. A little homework will reveal to the ambitious that it’s not that hard to put together.

Tiny House Plumbing assembled

First, carefully plan the pipe layout. Then, figure out the size and types of pipes required. And remember, gravity is your friend. Although I have never had any experience with plumbing before, it came together nicely and gave me a new appreciation for this modern wonder. More…

The Bathroom

At this point, the bathroom is mostly complete. There is still the ceiling to finish, attaching the composting toilet, and install the HVAC piping. However, a pleasant last minute addition is more storage space. The wall beside the composting toilet was originally a solid wall. However with a little handy work and some time, there are shelves!

Tiny House Bathroom Storage

Instead of closing the wall behind the water heater, the wall now has many shelves for bathroom needs. A tiny house certainly brings out our creative side to find surprising ways to utilize space.

Crossing the 500 Hours Milestone

Right now, the current project is the second half of the kitchen. Progress is steady as there is a lot of finish work. Some of the challenges are customizing the drawers around the plumbing and providing access to the propane water heater.

Tiny House Kitchen

Regardless, the kitchen will be mostly complete once this work is done. What’s left is the counters and gas lines to the stove and propane water heater.

What’s Next

Winter is in full swing, and there is plenty to do inside. Yet, the to-do list is becoming smaller as more projects are complete. Thankfully, these projects take place inside where it’s warm and cozy.

500 hours of Tiny House Construction
500 hours of construction

Some goals during this winter are the kitchen, the built in couch/guest bed, and foldable table. Only time will tell how much progress will be made in the next hundred hours.

500 hours is a lot of time and effort. However, each hour spent in the tiny house is still exciting. With every milestone crossed, I continue to recognize the accomplishments and conquered challenges.

It always amazes me each time I look back and write about the last 100 hours. And as usual, I look forward to see what happens within the next 100 hours.

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