The goal of is to document the entire process of building a fully functional, off-grid, smart tiny house. Furthermore, I wanted to share my experiences to help others learn about the scope of this project and to fulfill their dreams of tiny home living.

Prior to beginning this project, I became fascinated with tiny houses. I first stumbled upon tiny houses through an article about the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.  I was intrigued and found myself doing more research on the topic of tiny houses and tiny living. Slowly, I built up a dream of building my own tiny home.

On this website, you will find blogs about building this tiny house, tracking costs and labor, and details of each smart sensor and home automation system. I created the website, to organize my journey through research, design, and construction.

This is no small task. My background is in software engineering and design. However, I began this journey with no experience in construction, HVAC, or plumbing. Thankfully, I have the internet and people I know with knowledge in some of these areas.

The challenge in itself is exciting and can seem overwhelming. Although, my planning skills and design experience will help breakdown this project into more manageable goals. Unfortunately, lacking skills in so many areas will require experts in some cases. Thankfully, I have friends, family, and experienced professionals to help.

Consequently, I will gain invaluable new skills, a second home, and a sense of accomplishment. Once this tiny house on wheels (THOW) is completed, who knows where the adventure will go from there.

Be a Part of It All

I love hearing questions, comments, and suggestions from people. Below are the different ways to contact me and to follow the progress of this project.

Twitter is the best way to get in touch for quick questions and answers. You can send those tweets to @TinyHome_io. Follow on Twitter to keep up with the latest news about my tiny house.

I’m fairly active on Pinterest by tracking all my hobbies and interesting things I find along the way. I’ve pinned several things from tiny house enthusiasts, organizations, and other tiny house owners.

If you don’t use those social media platforms, then you can contact me using the form below. However, please allow up to a couple of days for me to get back to you.