600 Hours of Construction

Marc Bilodeau/ Building, Planning, Tiny House

600 hours of construction! It’s been five months since crossing the 500 hours milestone. The majority of the last 100 hours has been during the winter and spring months of Maine. The weather was favorable until the end of December. It was bone-chilling cold and snowy until early April when everything began to thaw. Thankfully, the majority of the projects happened inside the tiny house.

The goals between the 500 hours and 600 hours milestones were to finish the kitchen, build the couch, sand and fill everything, and build the dining table. Overall, these goals were completed excluding some minor prep work to paint the interior. Now, the goal is to complete the construction phase within the next 100 hours. But before we talk about what’s next, let’s dig a bit deeper and highlight some of the last 100 hours of work.

Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation

In July 2017, I purchased a Pioneer 12000 BTU Mini Split to be the primary heating and cooling system in the tiny house. However, It wasn’t until February 2018 that the unit was installed. There were two reasons that held this up. First, I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to install the unit. Secondly, the unit in my home (a different split system) had an issue this past January.

Tiny House Air Conditioner and Heater Split System

After more research, I decided to stick with the system I had bought. Thankfully, I found someone shortly after the accident to installed it. Now, the tiny house temperature is comfortable all the time.More…

Tiny House Kitchen: the Sink and Counter Station

The kitchen was one of the most challenging projects so far. Largely due to all the details that one doesn’t think about until actually trying to build a kitchen. That’s why this kitchen was built in two phases, the cooking station and the sink and counter station.

Tiny House Kitchen Sink

600 hours later, there is a full kitchen with plenty of storage, counter space, and running water. There is still the matter of heat resistant counters and hot water, which is something that I hope to complete soon. More…

Sanding and Filling

Never have I sneezed so much in my life, even with a face mask. Regardless, it looks amazing after filling and sanding the surfaces. It is certainly worth the extra effort.

tiny house bathroom shelves
This is just a taste of the results of filling and sanding

The tiny house has been cleaned and vacuumed. Next, the walls will need another wipe down. Then, the adventures of painting can begin. More…

The Bathroom

The bathroom is nearly complete. There is some caulking above the shower and a backsplash behind the sink left to do. On a good note, I can enjoy a cold shower. Although, hot water will flow as soon as the on-demand heater is working. Regardless, there are two updates in the bathroom since the last 100 hour milestone.

First, there is a new cabinet. The sink cabinet not only covers the pipes, it provides storage. Initially, the sink was going to be a pedestal sink. However, after some brainstorming a vessel sink was the better idea.

Tiny House Bathroom Sink

The second change is the bathroom door. The more I looked at the old white door, the more I wanted to change it. The door design wasn’t quite right, nor was it as centered as I hoped. I knew a better door could be made with DIY efforts. Although it took an extra 5 hours, it fits better and looks much nicer.

The New Tiny House Bathroom Door

The Couch

There are three requirements that my tiny house couch must have. It must be in one particular area of the great room, it has to convert into an extra bed, and there must be storage inside. Thankfully, I was able to design a couch that fit these needs.

Tiny House Couch and Bed

Converting the couch into a bed is only 7 steps. It’s easy to do within a couple of minutes. The only things left to do are some minor touches and painting. More…

Tiny House Table and Sitting Bench

Most houses have a kitchen table and a work area. This tiny house is no different with a collapsible table and fold away bench. This project didn’t take long to finish either. Plus, there is plenty of surface to work and eat.

The tiny house table set up and stored

Set up is easy. When the bench isn’t in use, it collapses and tucks away nicely into the tiny house stairs broom closet. More…

Crossing the 600 Hours Milestone

Even though it took longer to cross this milestone, it seems a lot more projects were tackled. Regardless, the construction phase is 85ish% complete by my estimation. At the time of the 600th hour, the last of the sanding was done. Also, the entire tiny house is clean. The amount of vacuuming and sweeping is amazing. Furthermore, the tiny house is ready for the next project.

What’s Next

With spring time over and summer just beginning, the goal is to finish the majority of the construction within the next 100 hours. This includes counters, hot water, painting both inside and outside, inside floors, awning, and more. It’s ambitious, but let’s see what happens.

600 hours has flown right by. However, each hour working on the tiny house is still exciting. With every milestone crossed, there are accomplishments and conquered challenges. It always amazes me each time I look back and write about the last 100 hours. As usual, I look forward to see what happens within the next 100 hours.

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