A Tiny House Table and Sitting Bench

Marc Bilodeau/ Building, Tiny House

May I present the tiny house table and sitting bench. Not only will it provide three comfortable places to eat meals, it also provides ample space to spread out while doing some work.

The Tiny House Table

Based on the layout of this tiny house, the table is directly across from the couch in the great room. However, we all know that space is a premium in a tiny house. Therefore, the table can collapse when it’s not in use.

Tiny House Table and Work Desk

There are only two steps to set up the table. First, lift the tabletop. Next, reach underneath and pull the shelf brackets out to support the table. That’s it!

How the Tiny House Table is Built

The tiny house table is very sturdy and can support a lot of weight. It’s being held up by two 16″ x 10″ (~41cm x ~25cm) shelf brackets. However, I wouldn’t climb on it since it’s screwed into the wall without any table legs. Regardless, it’s easily strong enough to hold a full three course meal or work on a project.

How to build a tiny house table

The two brackets have hinges to swivel them to and from the wall to support the table. The table is on a 4′ (~ 122cm) hinge that raises and lowers it. There are no table legs. Thankfully, I’ll never accidentally hurt myself from hitting my foot or leg against one.

Sitting at the Tiny House Table

No table is complete without comfortable seating. Since this is a tiny house, it is important that furniture is functional and it tucks away when not in use. Therefore, this bench assembles when it’s time to eat, or when I need some work space.

How the Tiny House Sitting Bench assembles

The top left picture shows all the pieces of the sitting bench. From that point, assembling it is easy.

  1. (Top Center) Fold out the two sides of the bench seat
  2. (Top Right) Insert the middle support board
  3. (Bottom Left) Insert the foot rest step
  4. (Bottom Right) Insert the foldable X supports

That’s it! It’s simple and straightforward, and it seats 3 people comfortably. In a pinch, a fourth person could sit on the second stair. When the bench is underneath the table, the front door can easily open and close.

Table and Sitting Bench Store Away

The tiny house table and sitting bench are designed to store out of the way. Furthermore, there must be a place to store the disassembled bench. This is one of the purposes of the tiny house stairs broom closet.

The tiny house table set up and stored

The left picture shows the tiny house table ready to use. The middle picture shows the table down to make more room in the great room. The right picture shows the tiny house table stored in the broom closet.


It’s always nice to sit and eat at the table with friends and family. So, there needs to be space available for it. A table can also serve as a great place to spread out and do some work. A tiny house provides unique challenges due to the available space and layout.

There are many different types of tables. The secret is to look at different designs and see what works best for the situation. Consider where the table will go, how many people will sit at it, and can it serve multiple purposes other than a table. Everything in a tiny house should have its place and purpose, even better when there are more than one uses for it.