My Experience with the Envi Heater

Marc Bilodeau/ Product Reviews, Tiny House

I considered using the Envi Heater as a primary heat source when plans for the tiny house were coming together. In the end, I decided to go with a wall mountable HVAC unit as a primary heat source. Thankfully, it has been running quite well over the past year. However, I have an Envi Heater in the tiny house as a secondary heat source.

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Neurio + Tiny House Electricity: Measure all the Usage!

Marc Bilodeau/ Planning, Product Reviews, Smart Sensors, Tiny House

It’s wonderful to have electricity in the tiny house. Even better with insulation and a portable heater. However, this is far from the goal of an off-grid tiny house. To get me one step closer toward that goal, I’ll install a neurio sensor that measures watt-hours in real-time. Now I can tackle phase 2 of the overall electrical work. [photo album] What is Phase 2? Phase 2 actually is two tiny house

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