300 Hours of Construction

Marc Bilodeau/ Building, Planning, Smart Sensors, Tiny House

300 hours of construction! With that, another 100 hour milestone in the books. This time it took 4 months to reach it, unlike 3 months for the 100 hours and 200 hours milestones. Regardless, progress continues and more TO-DOs are being crossed off the list. The majority of the last 100 hours have been during the cold months of Maine. With the exception of one inlet, all work

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Internet of Things, The Tiny House Webcam

Marc Bilodeau/ Smart Sensors, Tiny House

We live in a time where the average person can purchase kits and sensors to build all sorts of gadgets known as the Internet of Things (IoT). A webcam is no different as it provides communication, collaboration, and security. Part of the overall goal for this tiny house is to create a smart tiny house with modern ideas and concepts focusing on simple, green, and efficient living. Although some would argue

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