Tiny House Closet: The Loft Closet and Storage Shelves

Marc Bilodeau/ Building, Planning, Tiny House

Storage is important, and efficient storage is paramount. Shelves, closet space, drawers, and cabinets can provide unique solutions in a tiny house. However, tiny houses mean tiny spaces. Therefore, careful planning is critical to determine what’s best for a persons needs. [photo album] First, Planning! Planning storage needs and where to put the storage requires a lot of thought. It means asking yourself questions, hashing out ideas,

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A Rough Layout of My Tiny Home

Marc Bilodeau/ Planning, Tiny House

I’ve been thinking about the layout of my tiny home. As you think about it, you mentally keep adding more stuff to the list. You start to wonder how you will fit everything into your tiny home. So I decided to start by creating a rough layout. Although I call this rough, it still required a lot of thought and plenty of YouTube videos and

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