And so the adventure begins…

Marc Bilodeau/ Planning, Tiny House

A new adventure! This is the first blog of my endeavor to build a tiny house on wheels (THOW). But before I roll up my sleeves, cut wood, and hammer nails, I have to ask myself why I want to build a tiny house.


After all, I’ve had an interest in tiny houses for a while now. I started where anyone would start these days and browsed the net and did some homework. In that research, I narrowed down some practical reasons why people build tiny houses.

Minimize financial obligations. The cost to build a tiny home will vary. Some people have built a tiny home with as little as $20,000. However, the costs will increase depending on how much work you do yourself verses having someone construct one. But compared to the average cost of a new home in the US averaging $356,200 in March 2016, a Tiny Home is a viable and attractive alternative.

Downsize and reduce clutter. Those who choose to live in a tiny home must decide what practical and sentimental possessions are important. Although people’s opinions vary, I see this as a opportunity to own items that provide value to you either practically or emotionally.

Minimize household maintenance. A lot less can go wrong, break down, or require ongoing maintenance in a tiny home. This means there will be less chores and more time to live life.

Wanderlust. Wanderlust is a strong desire or impulse to wander and explore the world. With a Tiny House on Wheels, people can take their home along with them. Jenna & Guillaume, the couple behind Tiny House Giant Journey, quit their jobs to travel the world in a Tiny Home.


So why am I building a tiny home? It’s an opportunity to learn new practical skills, experiment with modern technology and living, and potentially a second home for weekend trips.

In summary, my high level goals for this project are:

  • Create a self-sustaining, off-grid, smart tiny home that runs on solar and propane
  • It must be portable so it can travel around the country
  • Provide a cozy home feeling where someone would be proud to live year round
  • Include a home automation systems capable of monitoring consumption and production of resources from water, propane, and solar power

However, this is the opposite of the modern era where we rely on services that produce electricity, supply water, and grow our food. Can it be done? Will I be able to make this dream a reality? Although it will take time, we’ll find out. And so the adventure begins…